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Calligaris Opens Flagship Store in Milan, Italy

Italian furniture manufacturer Calligaris has opened its flagship store in Milan’s Brera district.
The store is a showcase for the Calligaris brand of modern furniture, and they’ve built an entire house inside the store to give the impression of being inside a real home.

You can see a photogallery of the store – here.

More photos can be found on the stores website – here.

Wannabetree Screen System from Glimakra

Swedish manufacturer Glimakra produce these sound absorbing screen systems.

Available in three different designs and a large variety of colors.

Visit the Glimakra website – here.

Toxteth Church Residential Renovation by Otto Cserhalmi

In 2003, Toxteth Church was sitting derelict in the Sydney, Australia neighbourhood of Glebe, it was at this time that the church, which was originally built in 1898, was sold to new owners who hired the architects at Otto Cserhalmi + Partners to design a residential recreation that would turn it into a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home.

The home is now being offered for sale at $3.4 million Australian Dollars.
The agents at McGrath are representing the property, visit the home’s listing – here.
Watch a video of the property – here.

Visit the website of Otto Cserhalmi + Partners – here.

Toxteth Church

Otto Cserhalmi

Otto Cserhalmi

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The RIN Chair by Hiromichi Konno for Fritz Hansen

In 2009, Danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen will be introducing the RIN Collection. The main focus of this collection is the new RIN chair designed by Japanese designer, Hiromichi Konno.

From Fritz Hansen:

The Japanese word RIN means an appearance that is stunning, elegant and courageous. The idea is to create a new type of chair that is in harmony with Japanese and Danish design traditions.

Hiromichi Konno says:

“I wanted to make a beautiful chair that can stimulate and awaken emotions in people. It must be able to appeal visually but also make us feel a form of elegance when we sit in it. Therefore, I have established something poetical, simple, strong, relaxed and innovative all at the same time. The goal from the beginning was to create the perfect chair”

Visit Fritz Hansen’s website – here.

RIN Chair

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Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel

The Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel is almost finished construction, and has announced that they will be opening in March, 2009.

The seven floor, 188 room hotel, designed by architect Christian de Portzamparc, is characterized by undulating horizontal glazed bands, which accommodate the rooms’ bow windows to maximize views of the area.

Visit the hotel’s website – here.

Visit the website of architect Christian de Portzamparc – here.

Flickr user JP2H has some recent photos of the hotel under construction – here.

FIREBO-X from Schulte Design

The latest piece of “fire furniture” from Germany’s Schulte Design is the FIREBO-X.

The portable FIREBO-X can be used indoors and outdoors, and like their other collection of fire tables, the FIREBO-X is flueless and burns liquid bio-ethanol.

From Schulte Design:

It reminds slighty of a laptop. Just like these small, handy computers, the hinged top can be flipped open to reveal its smart secret. Under the hood hides a polished glossy stainless steel burner kit, creating an economical, clean and highly romantic blazing fire – without any residuals.

Visit the Schulte Design website – here.

Coni Rovesci by Duilio Damilano

Italian architect Duilio Damilano has sent us another project that he designed, this time it’s an office building located in the northern Italian province of Cuneo.

Visit Duilio Damilano’s website – here.

Duilio Damilano

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The Convoy Light Installation by David Taylor

From David Taylor:

“Convoy” is a lighting installation which was made for the foyer of Swedens Permanent Mission to the EU in Brussels. When the decision to renovate the building was made, a number of new artworks were commissioned by the Swedish Art Council. Convoy is a made to measure piece, built of PVC tube finished in black nylon flock.

Visit David Taylor’s website – here.

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Bestlite BL9 XL Pendant Light from GUBI

The design team at Danish furniture and lighting manufacturer GUBI, have designed the
Bestlite BL9 XL pendant light based on the iconic forms of the original Bestlite.

From GUBI:

Robert Dudley Best made the first drawings of Bestlite during his study stays as an industrial designer in Düsseldorf and Paris. In both cities, Best quickly started moving in the creative and innovative circles that developed around the emerging Bauhaus movement. In 1932, Architects’ Journal proclaimed that Best had designed the first Bauhaus manifestation in England. Robert Dudley Best was the third generation in the Best & Lloyd lamp empire, founded in 1840. Best & Lloyd were famed suppliers to the British royal family, the Titanic and the Orient Express. Bestlite has been produced continuously since 1930.

Visit the Bestlite by GUBI website – here.


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The Leschi Residence by Adams Mohler Ghillino

Adams Mohler Ghillino designed this home in Seattle, Washington.

From the architects:

This 3300 SF residence occupies an irregularly shaped, sloping site overlooking Lake Washington with views of the Cascade range from Mt. Baker in the North to Mt. Rainier in the South.

The house is anchored to its sloping site at the upper northwest corner by a cast-in-place concrete garage. A semi-detached, single story studio sets atop the garage and cantilevers to create a covered path to the entry. The three story volume of the main house occupies the lower southeast corner of the site with an open living/dining/kitchen space on the main floor, master bedroom suite and study on the upper floor, and children’s bedrooms and play area on the lower floor.

The three-story height of the southeast corner is carved away and replaced with a deck at the main level. This deck is suspended from a three- story steel bracket that also supports the roof above. Living spaces at both the main and upper levels are opened to the resulting two-story space by sets of sliding glass doors.

Visit the website of Adams Mohler Ghillino – here.

Seattle Modern House

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The Half-C Chair by Johan Berhin

A variation of the “One C” chair that Johan Berhin designed and produced with Aberg & Soner, the Half-C chair is only 17cm wide, and is capable of being hung on the wall when not in use.

Visit the Berhin Studios website – here.

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Plantwalls by Green Fortune

Green Fortune is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden, that creates Plantwalls.

From Green Fortune:

This vertical application of greenery provides a powerful impact on the envirnonment where it is built. It is almost like being outside inside. Plantwall can be varied both in size and shape. Depending on the size of the wall and the impact you want to create the choice of plants can be adjusted. It is possible to create a sophisticated wall that keeps its look over time, as well as a wild, heavily growing wall.

Plantwall makes it possible to have lots of greenery without losing floor space. Besides the impression of beauty, plants also provides oxygen and humidity to improve the air quality. Some plants even have air cleaning properties.

The integrated drip irrigation system makes the watering very smooth. Unlikely of what you may think, the wall does not spread very much moist thanks to the textile materials used. This makes it possible to use plantwall in places you may think are too sensitive for a project like this.

Via the drip irrigation system, also fertilizer is distributed inside the four-layer textile of the wall. This process is programmed by us and automatically controlled. Each new plantwall project can be tailor made to suit different demands. We also offer a one year guarantee and service agreement for each plantwall. You are welcome with your requests.

Visit the Green Fortune website – here.

Plantwall - Green wall

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New Sofas from de Sede

Switzerland based furniture manufacturer de Sede has two new sofas, the DS-1064 and 1264, both designed by Hugo de Ruiter.

From de Sede:

The DS-1064 is neither sofa nor suite; it is most surely not a row of neatly arranged seating elements. Not in the slightest! It is a living environment that „looked at surrealistically* resembles a little city of seating. Its technology is a stroke of genius that has been elaborated from the DS-164. This means that its backrests can be moved easily to virtually any position desired. Added to this, its expanded modular system of seating elements affords possibilities of constructing a living environment to meet one’s own very individual requirements. This enables owners to create designs that reflect their mood of the moment and to alter them to keep abreast of every change they undergo. This makes for a tiny island of peace and security – not at the end of the world, but at our very feet – so that we can revel in a paradise of seating in our very own living rooms.

Visit the de Sede website – here.

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Interior Photos of Duilio Damilano’s B-House

Yesterday, we posted exterior photos of the B-House that was designed by Duilio Damilano, and now today we have some interior photos.

You can see yesterday’s post – here.

Visit Duilio Damilano’s website – here.

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New Student Housing at the University of Twente

The University of Twente, located in the city of Enschede in The Netherlands, has a new building with 87 apartments for students.

The building is nine stories high, and features a climbing wall on one side.

The building was designed by Arons and Gelauff Architects.

Full description after the photos…

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