MAC Interactive Architects have recently completed the renovation of a 1970’s brick house
in Sydney, Australia.

Full description after the photos….


The Nicholson Residence by MAC Interactive Architects

This extensive renovation of a 1970’s brick house in Cronulla contributes to contemporary interior design practice in its re-use of an existing building, adapted and modified to suit the changing needs of its long-standing owners.  The original house was dark and cluttered with separate rooms for each function with no sense of flow.  The energy embodied in an existing building is such that it is generally more sustainable to renovate than demolish and re-create.

Contemporary interior design also has to address an increasingly individualistic and educated client; who may or may not want an attention seeking design.  In the context of residential interiors we seek to identify and isolate this at the start of a project; and if appropriate present our interiors as a spatial design program within which the client can then express themselves.

Another way of putting this is that we seek to bring together the elements that articulate an interior – lighting (both natural and artificial), spatial drama, flow, context, colour etc. whilst not dominating.  We like our designs to be backdrops to the drama of our client’s lives….. the dinner parties, the kids’ birthday parties, the family get togethers, the quiet R&R times, the preparation of meals, the joy of waking up to a beautiful view and so on.

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