Theis + Khan Architects have designed a new building for themselves in East London.

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Bateman’s Row by Theis + Khan Architects

Designed by and for Theis and Khan, the scheme is a highly contemporary, yet contextual building that maximises accommodation for both commercial and residential units at a tight site in a popular part of East London. It provides several lettable units – making the scheme viable from the start – and is an architects office and family home at its top complete with a green roof, providing stunning views of the city.

The scheme maximises space and light by climbing vertically in distinct phases over five floors, introducing wide expanses of flush-fixed glazing and a contemporary smooth finish that alternates with rough and robust edges at the ground that respond to its industrial origins and local setting. The internally exposed concrete structure acts as a thermal store, combined with a highly insulated envelope and natural ventilation. Solar panels supplement hot water provision.

The building has been awarded an RIBA London Award 2010 and RIBA London Building of the Year Award 2010.

Visit the website of Theis + Khan Architects – here.