German designer Hanna Krüger has created the vaiss.eau pendant lamps.


vaiss.eau Pendant Lamps by Hanna Krüger

The design of the pendant light traces back to forms of historical glasbottles and bowls. It tries to re-imagine the functions of commonplace items. The design of this mouth-blown, double-walled transparent glass body is concerning the relationship of traditional manual methods of production and the design of contemporary products

The exterior form and especially the inward curvature at the bottom are typical for historical glasbottles. In the manual production the curvature at the bottom of a bottle had production-related as well as user-determined reasons. In the concept for this pendant lights, some aspects will be re-interpreted and for this purpose, will be functionally and aesthetically raised up in a new context.
The body combines lampshade, reflector and light space in a unique form. The curvature at the bottom side is frosted. It serves as entry for the illuminate and at the same time as reflector. The cable is led upwards through the hollow space of the glass body. The volume inside gives place to incorporate the windings of the cable and to let them become elements of design.

Depending on the height of the hanging assembly more or less cable is curling in the inner space of the lamp. Through the transparent surface and the visible technical components as the cable and the hanging, the object is changing between lamp and technical glass gadget. As soon as the object is filled with light, a vitreous light container seems to arise: a luminous vessel.

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