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Red Bridge House by Smerin Architects

Smerin Architects have designed the Red Bridge House for a family in East Sussex, England.


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An Amsterdam Apartment Interior by i29 Architects

i29 Architects have designed the interiors for an apartment in Amsterdam.


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The Bernal Heights Residence by SB Architects

SB Architects designed this home in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.


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Maison ART by Agency Brengues Le Pavec

Agency Brengues Le Pavec have designed Maison ART, located in Saint Clément de Rivière, France.


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Maison Spirale by Portal Thomas Teissier Architecture

Portal Thomas Teissier Architecture have designed Maison Spirale, a house located in
Catelnau Le Lez, France.


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A Minimalist Apartment by Tai & Architectural Design

Tai & Architectural Design have recently completed the Tsai Residence, a minimalist apartment located in Taipei.


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Cadence Residence by Keith Baker Design

Keith Baker Design have recently completed the Cadence Residence on Vancouver Island, Canada.


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B+H design rolling wave facade for Paul & Shark

B+H Architects have designed the facade of a building in Hong Kong, for fashion brand Paul & Shark.


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Marcus Beach House by Bark Architects

Bark Architects designed the Marcus Beach House, located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.


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Donderen Barnhouse by aatvos

aatvos designed this home for a family in Donderen, The Netherlands.


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Orrong Road House by Breathe Architecture

Breathe Architecture designed the Orrong Road House in Melbourne, Australia.


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The Subiaco Oval Courtyard by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Luigi Rosselli Architects have sent us photos of a family home they recently completed in Subiaco, Western Australia.


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East Windsor Residence by Alterstudio

Alterstudio designed the East Windsor Residence in Austin, Texas.


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Le Coiffeur by Margaux Keller and Bertrand Guillon

Margaux Keller in association with architect Bertrand Guillon, has recently completed Le Coiffeur, a hair salon located in Marseille, France.


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Le Foin Bas House by Jamie Falla Architecture

Jamie Falla Architecture designed the redevelopment of Le Foin Bas, a 4 bedroom family home located on the island of Jersey (part of the Channel Islands).


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