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The Elastic Perspective by NEXT Architects

NEXT Architects have designed a sculptural staircase that provides a viewpoint overlooking Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


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Hypnotic Wall Art by Marie José Gustave

Montreal-based artist Marie José Gustave has created Hypnotic, a piece of wall art made from rolled cardboard.


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Christmas Lights Berlin by Brut Deluxe

Brut Deluxe have created a series of light installations in Berlin, Germany.

The installations are on display until January 6th, 2014.


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‘Big Bang…Interruption’ by Hans Kotter

German artist Hans Kotter has created a light sculpture called ‘Big Bang…Interruption’.


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Public Sculptures by Stuart Green

Australian artist Stuart Green has created a variety of sculptures inspired by ceramic production that were intended to go into a vacant landscaped site prior to any buildings being developed.

The sculptures can be found throughout China Green, a new high quality mixed use inner city re-development on the site of the former Australian Fine China Company in Subiaco, Western Australia.


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Baltimore installs artistic crosswalks

As part of an effort to increase the amount of art in public spaces, the City of Baltimore, Maryland is installing artistic crosswalks at various intersections in the city.

So far, two crosswalks have been completed. Artist Paul Bertholet created a crosswalk which looks like a giant zipper opening, and Graham Coreil-Allen designed a crosswalk that is a big hopscotch.


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‘Sea Mirror’ opens at One Central Park in Sydney, Australia

French lighting artist Yann Kersale has created a permanent installation called Sea Mirror or
Miroir de Mer using 2880 LED lights and 320 mirrored panels.

It is located at the One Central Park development in Sydney, Australia.


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Quixotic Divinity Headdress by Joshua Harker

Artist Joshua Harker has used 3d printing technology to create the Quixotic Divinity Headdress. The piece has nearly 200 hours of design time and was built by EOS using their largest format SLS printer.

The headdress will be debuting in the United States at the 3D Printshow New York City at the Metropolitan Pavilion in February 2014.

You can watch a video – here


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Square & Round by Turenscape

Installed on the grounds of the French castle Château Chaumont lies Square & Round, a small rain garden by Turenscape.


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Waste materials turned into sculpture

Designer Henry Baumann has used discarded cable spools to create some fascinating pieces that evoke the imagination.

You can watch videos of Henry Baumann talking about his designs – here and here.


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Daydream V.2 by Nonotak Studio

Recently shown at the Insanitus Digital Art Festival in Kaunas, Lithuania was DAYDREAM V.2, an audiovisual installation created by NONOTAK Studio.

You can watch a video of DAYDREAM V.2 – here


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Unison by Korban/Flaubert

Suspended inside King George Central, a tower building in Brisbane, Australia is UNISON, a new sculpture by KORBAN/FLAUBERT.


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Giant wood statues appear in New York

These eighteen foot high wooden sculptures created by artist KAWS are currently on display at the Mary Boone Gallery in New York.


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Unparallel Way by Emily Weiskopf

Artist Emily Weiskopf has designed Unparallel Way, an aluminum sculpture that can be found in Brooklyn, New York.


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Shhh The Hope Keeper by gt2P

Design studio gt2P (great things to People.) have designed a mural called Shhh The Hope Keeper.


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