A Splash Of Water Passes Through The Window Of This Storefront

When Hernandez Architects designed the interior of this store that sells bathroom fixtures in Valencia, Spain, a whimsical sculpture of a splash of water passing through the glass window was included to get the attention of people passing on the street.

Whimsical water splash sculpture

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Artist Samantha Everton Covers A Building In Her Work

Australian artist Samantha Everton, worked with the architecture practice Kavellaris Urban Design, to create the façade of this new building in Melbourne, Australia. The mixed-use building is called “2 Girls,” and features Everton’s “Masquerade” photo art from her “Vintage Dolls” series, re-created as the building’s façade.

Art covered building

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Linda Covit Completes Havre Sculpture In Montreal

Artist Linda Covit was commisioned to create a large public art installation at the entrance to the new McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Canada.

The installation, named Havre, is made from aluminum and LED projectors.

Havre by Linda Covit

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Not Now – A Sculpture By Michael Beitz

Artist Michael Beitz has created “Not Now”, a 28 foot long sculpture made from wood.

Not Now by Michael Beitz

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MARC FORNES/THEVERYMANY Creates Two Sculptural Installations In France

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY have created two architectural installations, Under Stress and Sous Tension, in the public areas of The French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA), located in Rennes, France.


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Cliff Garten Completes New Sculpture In Los Angeles

Artist Cliff Garten has created ‘Los Angeles Opens Its Heart Of Compassion’, a suspended sculpture located in LA’s historic Koreatown.

Cliff Garten’s 'Los Angeles Opens Its Heart of Compassion'

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