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Orange & Black Sofa

This orange & black sofa is created by Design & Comfort.

Orange & Black


Three & Clam

These lights are from Zero. On the left is the Three Pendant Light and on the right is the Clam Pendant Light.

Three Clam

Bump Wave

Created by Dakota Jackson are the Bump Wave Chair + Ottoman and Two Seat Sofa.

Bump Wave Chair & Ottoman

Bump Wave Two Seat Sofa

Honeycomb Table Lamp

This is the Honeycomb Table Lamp made from silk worm cocoon and it is available at Wrapables.

Honeycomb Table Lamp

Menlo Park Sectional

The Menlo Park sectional designed by Rick Lee for American Leather

Modern Furniture

Panchito & Modular Lounge

These pieces of furniture were created by Tanya Aguiniga, a Los Angeles-based furniture designer / maker originally from Tijuana, Mexico.

  1. Panchito
  2. Modular Lounge


Modular Lounge

Pizza Cutter & Bottle Opener

This is the Lustro Extra Large Non-Stick Pizza Cutter and the Lustro Bottle Opener from Dalla Piazza.

Pizza Cutter

Bottle Opener

Modern Doorbells

Here are some doorbells from Californian company Modern Doorbells.

  1. Contempo
  2. Horns
  3. Cage (bottom image)

Modern Doorbells

Wine Knot

This is the ‘Wine Knot’ wine rack from Mint Inc.

Wine Knot Wine Knot

Chairs & Chess Table

These Chairs and Chess Table were created by Etsy seller TWR Designs.

Chairs & Chess Table

Chairs & Chess Table

Sofas & Beds

The following sofas and beds are all designed by Derin Design.

Slide Sofa

Mild Sofa

Mild Bed

Bulk Bed

Hold & Fold

Created by Ply Design are ‘Hold’, a pen & pencil holder and the ‘Ply Fold Quad’, a rectangle folding reversible container.

Hold Pen & Pencil Holder Ply FOLD Quad

Waoko Tea Maker & Fondue Set

This is the Waoko Tea Maker and Fondue Set from Bodum.

Waoko Tea Maker

Fondue Set

Porcelain Water Pitchers

These are the Angled Porcelain Water Pitchers from Amnow.

Angled Porcelain Water Pitchers

Pepper Mills from Peugeot

Here is a selection of Pepper Mills from Peugeot.

Pepper Mills

Pepper Mills