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Arch & Ring

On the left is the Arch Trivet and on the right is the Ring Fruit Basket. Both are from Truck.

Arch Trivet Ring Fruit Basket

Bali Wine Rack

This is the Bali Wine Rack from Wrapables.

Bali Wine Rack

Outlaw Chair

This is the Outlaw Chair by Johnny Chamaki from Sydney, Australia.

Outlaw Chair

Tilt Decanter Set & Goblet

Available at Nambe are the ‘Tilt Decanter Set’ (left) and the ‘Tilt Goblet’ (right).

Tilt Decanter Set Tilt Goblet

Home Decor from Italy

Here are some products created by Lineasette, an Italian company.

Terre Plates

Table Accessories


The Menu Torch & The Round Oil Lamp

On the left is ‘The Menu Torch’ and on the right is the ‘Round Oil Lamp’. Both are designed by Pernille Vea and are available at Menu.

The Menu Torch The Round Oil Lamp

Yuku Collection

These are sofas from the Yuku Collection at Aria Seating.

Yuku Collection

Yuku Collection

Pendant Lighting

The Coral, Kina, and Koura pendant lights from Design Within Reach

Modern Lighting

Candle Holders from Nachtmann

Here is a selection of candle holders from Nachtmann.

Duetto Candle Holders

Corallo 4 Armed Candle holder

Teapot Bottle

Created by Nendo is the Teapot Bottle.

Teapot Bottle Teapot Bottle

Items from Stelton

Here are some items from Stelton, a company located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  1. 483 Wine Cooler by Erik Magnussen
  2. x-7 Divine by John Sebastian
  3. x-30 4 Lights

483 Wine Cooler

x-7 Divine

x-30 4-Lights


Designed by Hoet is the Moonlight Chandelier.

Moonlight Chandelier Moonlight Chandelier

Contemporary Necklaces

These are some necklaces made by Lichen, located on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Contemporary Necklace Modern Necklace

Necklace Necklace

Modern Necklace Contemporary Necklace

Opold & Rido

This is the Opold Wine Bottle Holder and the Rido Bottle Opener from Blomus.

Opold Wine Bottle HolderRido Bottle Opener

Chairs from Sergio Fahrer

Designed by Sergio Fahrer are the Jassy (top), the Paso Doble (middle) and the Commo Chair (bottom).


Paso Doble

Commo Chair