Nest Sofa by lagranja

lagranja have created the Nest Sofa for manufacturer KOO International.


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Kork Tables and Lighting by Twodesigners

Based in Liège (Belgium), Twodesigners have created Kork, a family of objects made from cork.


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Luminaire – March 2017 – Grek

Dodai Benches by Peter Marigold

Designer Peter Marigold has created the Dodai benches, made from Igusa (a type of woven grass) and Hiba (wood from a Japanese cypress).


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Eroded Stools by I M Lab

Alessandro Isola and Supriya Mankad of I M Lab have designed the Eroded Stools, made from cork.



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Volcane and Lagune Coffee Tables by Bellila

Design studio Bellila have created Volcane and Lagune, coffee tables that feature built-in gardens.



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Memory by Boris Klimek for Brokis

Designer Boris Klimek has designed Memory, a collection of opal glass ceiling and wall lights for Brokis.


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