This Birdhouse Inspired Side Table Is Designed For Reading

Designed with multi-functionality in mind, the Birdhouse Cabinet by Lianne Siebring of Siebring & Zoetmulder Design Products, is a side table, light fixture, book marker, and storage solution all in one simple structure.

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Unique Modern Furniture Design – Paul Ketz Designs Marshmallow Stools

Unique Modern Furniture Design - Inspired by the value and power of play, German product designer Paul Ketz has created Marshmallow - a steel framed stool covered with a soft foam seat that mimics the look of fluffy marshmallow creme.

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Luminaire – February 2017 – Porro1

These creative candle holders are designed to look like a volcano

Designer Anca Fetcu has created Vulcano, a set of modern candle holders designed to mimic the look of lava pouring down the sides of a mountain.

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This Public Seating Installation Was Inspired By Snowbanks That Gather Around Trees And Street Lights

Atelier Pierre Thibault designed a public seating installation named Le Banc de Neige (The Bench of Snow), that was inspired by the snowbanks that gather around the trees and street lights in winter.

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17 Contemporary Coffee Maker Designs That You’ll Want To Show Off

17 Modern Coffee Makers That You'll Want To Show Off

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Wall Decor Idea – Install A Paper Roll Holder To Create A Fun Place To Write Lists Or Sketch Ideas

Wall Decor Idea - Install A Paper Roll Holder To Create A Fun Place To Write Lists Or Let Kids Draw

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