Martin Gallagher Designs A Chest Of Drawers With Hand-Sculpted Channels

Irish designer Martin Gallagher, has created Cascade, a chest of drawers that features hand-sculpted elements inspired by the sea.

Cascade By Martin Gallagher

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Filippo Mambretti Creates A Lamp/Shelf Combo With Built-In Device Charging

Italian designer Filippo Mambretti has created LEVEL, which is a combined floor lamp and shelf that has built-in USB slots for charging devices.

LEVEL by Filippo Mambretti for ZAVA

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Zaha Hadid Creates The Tau Vase From Marble

Architect Zaha Hadid has designed the Tau Vases, made from marble, as part of her 2015 Collection for Citco.

Tau Vases By Zaha Hadid For Citco

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A Pine Cone Inspired Lamp By Tom Raffield

British designer-maker Tom Raffield, has created the Scots Light, a lamp made from individual cut wood veneers, that looks like a pine cone.

Scots Light By Tom Raffield

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The Eden Wall Lamp By Matteo Ugolini For KARMAN

Another light that was recently launched by lighting company KARMAN, is the Eden wall lamp designed by Matteo Ugolini.

EDEN By Matteo Ugolini For KARMAN

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Matteo Ugolini Designs Owl Lamps For KARMAN

Designer Matteo Ugolini has created TI.VEDO, an owl-shaped table lamp and wall lamp, for Italian lighting manufacturer, KARMAN.

TI.VEDO By Matteo Ugolini For KARMAN

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