This Chair Is Made From Wispy Pieces Of Wicker

Designer Tiago Curioni, has created Savannah, a sculptural armchair made entirely from wicker branches and an upholstered cushion.

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This Minimalist Multi-Use Wall Mounted Bike Hook Doesn’t Have To Just Be For Bikes

IPPINKA have designed Lift, a minimal mulit-use wall-mounted hook made from steel, wood, and leather, that can hold everything from your jacket to a full sized bike.

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Luminaire – March 2017 – Grek

The Loop Chair By Jason Mizrahi

Jason Mizrahi has designed the Loop Chair, a sculptural wood chair made from ash with a lacquered ebony finished veneer.

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The Curved Shape Of This Bookshelf Was Inspired by Smooth Rocks

The design of Libreria, a modern wall bookshelf, was inspired by the sea and the smooth rocks often found scattered along its shoreline.

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These Biodegradable Planters Are Made From 3D Printed Wood

These modern and intricate geometric planters by Minimum Design are 3D printed products made from recycled wood fibers and bioplastic, making them biodegradable.

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Starbucks Unveils New Spring-Themed Cups in Three Fun Colors

This spring, Starbucks will be unveiling their latest cup designs, a minimalist spring theme cup in pastel colors with a simple white circle so that you can draw your own design. Others will be the same new design but will come with hand-drawn designs on them already.

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