Cristián Mohaded Designs A Light Made From Concrete

As part of his first collection, Cristián Mohaded has designed the Andes Lamps for Argentinean firm, Inconcrete, that are made using lightweight concrete.

Andes Lamps By Cristián Mohaded

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A Milk Carton Inspired Birdhouse Made From Recycled Materials

Ben Cramp of JAM has created a nestbox/birdhouse that was inspired by the shape of milk cartons.

Birdhouse By JAM

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Studio BAAG Designs A Cabinet With An Epidermal Surface

During the recent Milan Design Week, Studio BAAG launched their Breathe Cabinet for Italian furniture company Durame. The cabinet, made from solid chestnut, features circular indents meant to represent pores on the cabinets ‘epidermal’ surface.

Breathe, A Wooden Cabinet By Studio BAAG

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Isidro Ferrer Designs A Collection Of Fun Wooden Animals

Branching out from lighting, LZF Lab worked together with Isidro Ferrer to create Funny Farm, a group of nineteen wooden animals that are a bit quirky.

Funny Farm By Isidro Ferrer & LZF Lab

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Have You Ever Seen A Chair That Looks Like A Gorilla? You Have Now

Robert Brou has shared with us photos of his latest design, the Gorilla Chair. It’s Made from 4 inch think Poplar lumber that is stack laminated, hand sculpted and then finished with a ebonized black lacquer finish.

Gorilla Chair By Robert Brou

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Belly Of The Beast By Burn + Ritani

Declan Burn and Matt Ritani of Burn + Ritani have designed ‘Belly of the Beast’, an installation in Matakana, New Zealand, that is a 12 meter tower covered in shingles made of tires.

Belly of the Beast By Burn + Ritani

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