Manutti Gets Some Fresh Air For Spring

Manutti have recently launched some new colors for their Air collection of modular outdoor furniture.


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Elements – A New Lighting Collection From Note Design Studio

Note Design Studio have recently launched Elements, a family of lights that are inspired by the Nordic mountains and its lights.


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Mantzalin Creates A Handmade Rope Screen For A New York Restaurant

MANTZALIN have designed a rope screen for Stix, a new Mediterranean restaurant in Chelsea, New York.


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The Stratum Chair by KALO

Architecture and design studio KALO have designed Stratum, a wooden folding chair that was created using a 5-axis CNC machine.


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This Lululemon Store’s Facade Is A Collage Of Locally Inspired Imagery Made From Sandblasted Wood

The Lululemon Interiors Team together with Quadrangle Architects and artist Jason Blower, created a 380 square foot graphic facade of custom sandblasted wood panels for a Lululemon store located in the Southgate Shopping Mall in Edmonton, Canada.


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This Lamp Will Turn Itself Off If It’s Not Needed

Berlin-based product designer Weng Xinyu has created Angry Lamp, a speculative design concept lamp that pulls its own cord to turn itself off when it’s not needed.

Watch a video about it on Vimeo – here.


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