The NOOK Chair by Henry Sgourakis

Australian designer Henry Sgourakis has created the NOOK chair.

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The Spurt Lounge Chair by Paulsberg

German design studio Paulsberg have created the Spurt lounge chair, made out of carbon-textile reinforced concrete.

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Luminaire – February 2017 – Flexform Evergreen

The Royale Armchair by Beaverhausen for INDERA

Belgium-based design studio Beaverhausen have created the Royale armchair for the Beligian manufacturer INDERA.

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The Frost Chair by FurnID for Stouby

Copenhagen based design studio FurnID created the Frost chair for the manufacturer Stouby.

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Danish Design School Students Making Furniture (VIDEO)

A short video has been made showing the students from the Danish Design School making their furniture pieces that they exhibited at the 2011 Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden.

Watch the video on YouTube – here.

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The Meyer Collection by Pluri Ideas

The Brazilian design studio Pluri Ideas have created the Meyer collection of furniture made from sustainable natural fibers.

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