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The Wabi seating collection by Francesco Rota

New from Italian furniture manufacturer Paola Lenti, is the Wabi seating collection designed by Francesco Rota.   Visit the Paola Lenti website – here.

Paola Lenti - Wabi

Paola Lenti - Wabi

Coin Furniture by Johnny Swing

Vermont based Johnny Swing is a master of repurposed material, and here we see his collection of seating that uses a variety of coins (quarters, nickels, half-dollars) to produce a couch and some chairs.  The Nickel Couch alone uses approximately 7000 nickels (that’s $350 worth of nickels for those of you too lazy to do the math), and required a painstaking 35000 welds to the stainless steel substructure.

Visit the Johnny Swing website – here.

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Plug-in modular seating system by Stefano Getzel

Stefano Getzel designed the Plug-in seating system for the furniture manufacturer Luxy

Description from Luxy:

Make the composition you need with modular upholstered benches, then on any side plug-in any from a series of elements: backrest cushions, work tablets, armrests, and table. Gang the sofas together, place coffee and tables, and you’re ready.

Chromed tubular steel frame plug-in anywhere along the perimeter of the benches seamlessly.
Invert, switch, change, rearrange: plug-in.

Visit the Luxy website – here.

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New furniture from Bleu Nature

The France based Bleu Nature continues to grow its collection of earthy offerings with some new pieces of furniture and lighting, much of which makes use of driftwood.

Visit the Bleu Nature website – here.

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The Oplà armchair from Pianca

If you manage to get yourself a copy of the elusive 2008 catalogue from Italian furniture manufacturer Pianca, you’ll discover the Oplà armchair.  It’s actually a swivel armchair, and it’s available in a variety of fabrics and leather.

Visit the Pianca website – here.

The Onda Lounge Chair by Diego Granese

Italian architect Diego Granese designed the Onda lounge chair for the Spanish furniture manufacturer Frajumar.

Visit the Frajumar website – here.


Vincent Cadena’s 2008 Seating Designs

Thanks to Vincent Cadena for sharing his most recent seating designs with us.

Visit Vincent Cadena’s website – here.

Vincent Cadena

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Eco-friendly furniture from NaturesCast

NaturesCast products are manufactured using dry leaves, dead twigs and barks gathered from the forests around Compostela, Province of Cebu, The Philippines. Forest scraps are then shredded through a special machine, bonded together using an odorless water based binder and shaped into functional forms designed by local artists.

Visit the NaturesCast website – here.


The Sally Armchair by Danilo Cesana

New from the Seregno, Italy based furniture manufacturer Antidiva, is the Sally armchair designed by Danilo Cesana.

Visit the Antidiva website – here.

The Fold lounge chair by Tom Frencken

Thanks to Dutch designer Tom Frencken for letting us know about his latest work.  The Fold lounge chair is just a frame and a piece of foam, and because the foam wants to unfold, it’s pushing itself on the frame, which maintains its position.

Visit Tom Frencken website – here.

The Leaf and Curve outdoor benches from Deesawat

These two benches are part of the Boston collection from Thailand based Deesawat.

Visit the Deesawat website – here.

The Leaf Bench:

The Curve Bench:


The Ottovolante Bed by Giuseppe Viganò

This bed is part of the Ottovolante collection designed by Giuseppe Viganò for the German furniture manufacturer La Nuova Casa.

Visit Giuseppe Viganò’s website – here.  Visit the La Nuova Casa website – here.

The Pipedream Seating System from LYX

Description from LYX:

The Pipedream seating system from LYX turns any open area into an exciting place. The parallel tubes – one used as seat and the other as backrest – winds through the room like a friendly pipe grid. The effect is spectacular, softly forcing people to want to sit down even if they had not planned to – offering a short time of contemplation and reflection in a fast paced world. A combination of high-density foams makes it surprisingly comfortable. And since it’s available in a number of upholsteries and leg materials it fits into any environment. With white leather and chromed legs it enhances any designer hotel lobby. And with a cool +100 000 Martindale fabric it belongs in any design oriented space with intensive human traffic.

Visit the LYX website – here.

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The Laurel Chair from Seefelder

Considering that the Laurel chair is a 2008 Reddot Design award winner, and is also nominated for the coveted 2009 German Designpreis awards, we’re surprised at how little attention it has received from the media, so we’re doing our part to get it out there.

Designed by Jan Armgardt for the German furniture manufacturer Seefelder, the Laurel chair is available with armrests, as well as a wingback and non-wingback cantilevered version.

Visit the Seefelder website – here.

Laurel Chair from Seefelder

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Cake and Saboo from MOBAN

Some new outdoor furniture from the Thailand based manufacturer MOBAN.

Visit the MOBAN website – here.

Cake is a set of table and stools. The table is designed to fit five triangle shaped stools that can be pulled out and offered up to guests like a piece of cake.  The stools are made from recyclable plastic and wrapped with polyamide-jersey base cloth which is both waterproof and UV resistant.  The table is made from stainless steel and tempered glass.


Saboo is an outdoor daybed lounger made from recycled polypropylene, stainless steel and teak.