Royèroid Sofa and Armchair by Robert Stadler

Paris-based designer Robert Stadler has created the Royèroid sofa and armchair. The collection was recently exhibited at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery booth during the Design Miami/Basel show in Basel, Switzerland.

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The OTTO Table by Paolo Cappello

Italian designer Paolo Cappello has created the OTTO Table for Miniforms.

Paolo says:

This table reinterpretates the way of using tables, no more square or circle surfaces. The organic shape of the tempered glass top creates an object that can be both used as dining table or office desk: a wide surface to work/design/dine or cook on. The improbable air of instability of the wooden axis-symmetric base combined with the organic top creates a table that nearly seems like a live creature to interact with.

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Minima by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune have designed the Minima collection for OFFECCT.

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Axum and Lalibella Stools by David Keller

Israeli designer David Keller has sent us his Axum and Lalibella stools, that are inspired by the Ethiopian immigrants who live near him, who have developed their own dual-culture.

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Bright Woods Collection by Giancarlo Zema for Avanzini Group

Italian designer Giancarlo Zema has created the Bright Woods collection for the Avanzini Group.

The limited edition of 120 stools and 60 coffee tables are made from wood and resin with an integrated LED light.

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Supadupa Sofa by Alexander Lotersztain

Australian designer Alexander Lotersztain has created the Supadupa sofa.

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