The Dandelion Stool by DesignK

London-based DesignK have created the Dandelion Stool collection.

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The Bantam Chair by Ryan Dart

American designer Ryan Dart has sent us photos of the Bantam chair.

Description from the designer:

Interlocking CNC plywood creates and organic volume that causes the eye to wander the piece.  Aggressively angled legs animalistically support the gridded body for which the piece is named.

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TWIST Tables by Formstelle for Zeitraum

The German design studio Formstelle have created the TWIST table collection for Zeitraum.

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The Whisper Wingback Chair by Phil Cater

Phil Cater, a young British designer, has created the Whisper Wingback Chair with a matching footstool and side-table.

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Conference Table for Ernst & Young Boardroom by KINZO

KINZO, a young German design firm, has created a conference boardroom table for Ernst & Young’s Berlin office.

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The Caruaru Collection by Rosenbaum

Brazillian designer Marcelo Rosembaum has created the Caruaru furniture collection.

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