Out of Balance Stool by Thorsten Franck

German designer Thorsten Franck has created the Out of Balance stool.

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Jamirang Sofas by Bora Kim

Korean designer Bora Kim has sent us the Jamirang Sofas.

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Luminaire – November 2017 – Paola Lenti Agio

Tria Chair by Lorenz-Kaz for Colé

German designers Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz have created the Tria Chair for the new Italian furniture manufacturer Colé.

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The Nouveau Lounge by Kate McCreary

American designer Kate McCreary has sent us her Nouveau Lounge.

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Social Media – Pinterest

PomPon by CROP

Italian design studio CROP have created the PomPon chair.

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The SALCOMBE Table by John Lee

Irish furniture designer/maker John Lee has created the SALCOMBE Table.

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