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Contemporist Receives Over 1 Million Visitors in 2008!

We have calculated the visitor statistics for Contemporist for all of 2008, and according to our stats (provided by Google Analytics), Contemporist received over 1 million visitors in 2008.

Actual numbers:

Unique visitors = 1,027,995

Pageviews = 2,885,654

We’re happy that so many people share our appreciation for contemporary design and the people who produce it. Contemporist continues to grow every day, and based on the current growth rate, we predict the site will receive over 5 million unique visitors in 2009.

Thanks for visiting!

Dave & Erin

One Year Anniversary of Contemporist

Today is the one year anniversary of Contemporist, and we’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone that reads the site, leaves comments, sends in submissions, links to us and sends us emails of encouragement. Without you, it wouldn’t have been so much fun!

Here are some facts about Contemporist from the past year…

  • We have made 2039 posts.
  • Our subscribers have grown from 0 to 1910 (today) and include people from some of the world’s largest architectural and interior design firms, furniture and lighting designers and manufacturers, and of course everyday people who love contemporary design.
  • We have had 671,000 Unique Visitors in the past year with 104,000 of that in the last month alone.

RSS Statistics

Thanks again to everyone who has made Contemporist a daily read and we hope that you’ll continue to like what you see in our 2nd year,

Dave & Erin

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Tell Us What You Think!

As grows we want to know how we can improve the site. We want to hear what you think about!

- Why do you visit the site?

- What do you want to see more of?

- Is there something we can do to make it better?

- Who are you? (student, architect, interior designer, lover of contemporary things, etc.)

We’re interested in hearing everyones opinions of the site, so let us know what you think.


Erin & Dave