Generator Hostel Barcelona by The Design Agency

Toronto-based The Design Agency have designed the Generator Hostel in Barcelona, Spain.


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QT Hotel Gold Coast by Nic Graham

Nic Graham & Associates have designed the interior of the QT Hotel Gold Coast located in Queensland, Australia.


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Mandalay Beach Villas, Thailand

The Mandalay Beach Villas located in Koh Samui, Thailand have recently been completed.


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Luna2 Studios by Melanie Hall

Melanie Hall has designed a boutique hotel called, Luna2 Studios located in Bali, Indonesia.


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Agora Swiss Night Hotel by Studio Hertrich & Adnet

Studio Hertrich & Adnet have completed the refurbishment of the Agora Swiss Night Hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland.


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Prahan Hotel by Techné Architects

Techné Architects have revamped the Prahan Hotel in Melbourne, Australia by adding an extension that uses oversized concrete pipes.


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