Gochi Restaurant by Mim Design

Mim Design have designed a restaurant named Gochi in Melbourne, Australia.



Gochi is a modern take on a traditional Japanese style restaurant. Items such as the chopstick were transformed into feature custom-designed lighting which scale the walls.

The ceiling structure made up of interwoven rope creates a textural element throughout. The screened fa├žade provides transparency and a sense of mystery and intrigue to passers-by.

The colour palette of black, red and warm timbers resonate an ambience which is a nod to traditional Japanese interiors, adding warmth and comfort to the overall space.

Design: Mim Design
Interior Photography: Shannon McGrath
Branding & Collateral Photography: Mim Design
Graphics: Sarah Hotchins in collaboration with Mim Design

Luminaire – April 2019 – Cassina La Rotonda
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