These Planters Are Designed To Have Their Own Light Source

Design studio Goula / Figuera, have created a collection of matte black planters called Viride (the Latin word for green), that include artificial lights (and one with a mister) as part of their design.

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11 Creative Stair Railings That Are A Focal Point In These Modern Houses

Here are 11 examples of creative safety railings on stairs that show how railings don't have to be boring and can be the focal point in a house.

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Luminaire – March 2017 – Grek

13 Architecturally Amazing Museums From Around The World

Here are 13 modern museums with architecture so amazing you'll be drawn to them just to take in their design, regardless of what's on display inside them.

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The Design Of These Oversized Cushions Was Inspired By Knots Tied By Sailors

The design of this fun emerald green knot pillow was inspired by knots tied by sailors and the nautical lifestyle in general.

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This 1930s Brick Bungalow Received A Contemporary Update

In a suburb in Sydney, Australia, TRIBE STUDIO gave a 1930s original brick bungalow a modern upgrade and extension to better suit the needs of the family living there.

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This Balcony With Views Of Brooklyn Was Designed For Outdoor Entertaining

This large modern furnished balcony features plenty of natural wood and includes an elevated seating area with a feature wall made from wood strips and patches of plants, a white and grey outdoor lounge with floor lamps, an open air Jacuzzi surrounded by hardwood and a long white outdoor dining table.

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