A Large Recycled Wood Mural Was Installed On The Side Of This Building In Belgium

Artist Stefaan De Crook (also known as Strook), has created a large recycled wood mural on the side of a building in Ostend, a coastal city in Belgium.

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This Waffle Store Is Covered In A Pink And Wood Scalloped Pattern

This retail storefront features a bright and colorful design, with a textural scalloped patterned facade made from wood, with some of the pieces painted pink to match the logo, while the remainder of the storefront is white with just a few touches of pink.

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A Wood Extension Creates Extra Living Space In This Australian House

This contemporary wood extension with back deck was added to a turn-of-the-century house in Australia.

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A Garage Was Converted Into This Comfortable Living Space

Sam Crawford Architects have transformed what was once a commercial garage sandwiched between terrace houses, into a bright and modern home that's long and narrow, and features a material palette of black steel, recycled brick, concrete and timber.

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This Micro Apartment Has A Wall Of Hidden Uses

Architecture firm MCKA have recently completed the design of this micro 225 sq ft (20 sqm) apartment in New York, that features a wall full of multi-functional cabinetry.

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Dark Grey Slate Creatively Covers This Australian Home

Covering the exterior of this modern house are dark grey slate tiles in a couple of different patterns, with some sections having a staggered finish to show the wood underneath, especially at the side of the home where the garage is located.

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