Manifesto Futura design a contemporary taquería

Design studio Manifiesto Futura created the naming, identity and interior design for Canalla, a Mexican taco restaurant in San Pedro, Mexico.


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Maria Jose Trejos designs a shipping container home in Costa Rica

Architect Maria Jose Trejos has designed Casa Incubo, a home made from eight shipping containers, that serves as both a residential space and workspace.


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This clifftop home in California features uninterrupted views of the ocean

Architect Mark Abel together with interior designer Myca Loar designed this clifftop home in Laguna Beach, California.


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This desk is made from the wing of a 737 Boeing jet

Les ateliers FLOWN have designed the Cantilevers desk made from part of the wing of a 737-800 Boeing plane.


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Alex Petunin designs an organically shaped chair filled with colorful stripes

Designer Alex Petunin has created the Double Position chair. Manufactured by ArtTech and made from painted wood, it can be used as an armchair, lounge chair or rocking chair (if you remove the front leg).


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How to submit your projects to contemporist

A lot of people ask us how they can send us their projects, so here are the details…

We accept submissions for anything contemporary. We mostly feature architecture, interior design, furniture, lighting, home decor and art, but it can be anything, as long as it’s contemporary.

Here is what you should send us:

Photos and Images
– Send as many images as you have of your product or project that you are submitting. If it’s an architecture or interior design project, please include floor plans (if available).
– We like to receive as many images that you have, and they should be a minimum of 800 pixels wide.
– We prefer high resolution JPEG files, but can also work with TIF and PNG files.
– If you have a lot of photos and files, you can put them all in a .zip or .rar file
– Let us know any photographer credits that you would like us to include.

– Send a text description including the name of your product or project.
– Provide a link to your website.

How to send the files to us?
– An easy way to send a large number of files, is to use (it’s free!)
– On the WeTransfer website, just select the files you want to send us, then use [email protected] as the email address to send the files to.
– Instead of using WeTransfer, some people send us a link to their DropBox gallery. That also works.

We get a lot of submissions every day and we can’t reply to every submission we get just to tell you that we received it. If you sent it, we probably received it, and if we’re interested in featuring it, you will probably see it on contemporist within 2 days.

Thanks, contemporist.