Ernesto Pereira Designs A Home For A Family In Northern Portugal

Photographer João Morgado has shared with us photos he took of the recently completed SilverWoodHouse, a home in the north of Portugal by architect Ernesto Pereira.


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Vidigal House by Contaminar Arquitectos

Contaminar Arquitectos designed the Vidigal House for a family in Leiria, Portugal.


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Slender Illuminated Anthropomorphic Figures By Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Álvarez is currently showing his Encontros figures at ARCOmadrid, the International Contemporary Art Fair, until March 1st.


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Design Detail – A Window Seat For Reading

Bernardo Rodrigues designed a home for a family, and included a unique window seat that is the perfect size for the kids to enjoy some quiet time reading.


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Top Floor Living With Views To The Horizon By Bernardes Arquitetura

Bernardes Arquitetura have designed a home with amazing views for a Brazilian family with three children.


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Put Shelves Where You Want Them With These Zigzag Slots

Designer Steffen Kehrle has created a wooden shelf that has zigzag pattern side panels so that you can easily move the shelves.


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