Waterfall House by Dick Clark + Associates

Dick Clark + Associates have recently completed a single family home in Austin, Texas.











Project description

With its efficient design and impressive views, this unique single family spec home was built to attract a discerning group of potential owners. Though comfortably removed from the thick of the city in the hills of west Austin, the stunning skyline is the most influential factor in the design of the house.

To achieve the ideal view, the house is subtly perched on a raised foundation. The main spaces in the house are located along the eastern fac¸ade to have equal access to the skyline views. The seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces of the house is achieved through material continuity, such as the tile floor that flows from inside to out, and through the massive sliding glass doors that open the living, dining, and kitchen spaces to be one with the exterior pool deck. The skyline, as viewed from this open indoor/outdoor space, is dramatically framed by an elegant negative-edge pool that disappears into the hills below.

The love of beautifully detailed architecture, shared by both the builder and the architect, are evident in the carefully executed lines, delicate proportions, and seamless spatial transitions in this high-­end Austin home. The site placement of this house blurs the line between city and rural living, a characteristic that Austinites greatly value, just as the design itself softens the divide between interior and exterior.

Architect: Dick Clark + Associates
Builder/Owner: Jon Luce Builder
Photography by Alexander Stross

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