150m Long Study Table by MAKS

July 2, 2013

MAKS have designed a 150m long study table in the Chinese University Library in Hong Kong.



The Chinese University Library in Hong Kong was built 30 years ago. Over the years there have been some additions and renovations resulting in a spatially chaotic and eclectic building. Our proposal for the renovation and expansion therefore seeks to create clarity and openness, in both spatial organization and use of materials. In addition, we propose a functional transformation. The library of today functions differently than 30 years ago; not only is the diversity in media greatly increased but students are also studying in other ways, as interaction has increasingly gained importance.

The renovation covers 7.600m2, 8.500m2 expansion. Part of the new extension is a study landscape. For this purpose we designed a 150m long table varying in height and width from bank for informal meetings, to group table, to an individual study place for reading.

The project was designed and executed in collaboration with Pang Architects.

Design: MAKS