2D3D Tables from Formtank

September 11, 2008

A new collection of tables have been introduced by Formtank, a small British manufacturer. The 2D3D group of tables includes a desk, boardroom table, and coffee table.  The tables’ design uses complex mathematics and precision engineering to create a base made from a single sheet of steel, which eliminates waste, and reveals a visually sophisticated structure.

Designer George Rice says “it’s all about triangles, the remarkable strength and stability relies on four triangles which can been seen in the cross section. These work together creating the rigidity, and allowing us to use relatively thin plate. The outcome is totally unique and the glass top acts like a picture frame, bringing the whole piece together. It’s also a great icebreaker for meetings with new clients.”

Visit the Formtank website – here.

The 3Fold Desk:


The 2Fold Boardroom Table:

The 2Foldlow Coffee Table: