3 in 1 Table from Slot Furniture

May 13, 2010

Danish designer Niclas Waldorf Slot has sent us photos of the 3 in 1 Table he produces.

Description from Niclas Waldorf Slot:

This table started with 3 ideas:

1. To produce a simple and timeless design.
2. To make a multi-functional furniture, wich can be used as a dining, office and conference-table.
3. To make a flat-pack furniture, wich keeps the fract costs down, and saves the environment because of the smaller packages.

In my design of the table I do not use screws or glue. Just a simple joint to keep the table together.
The table can change from dining to office and conference-table, by moving around the table legs. On the table legs there is mounted two dowels, wich you attach in the tabletop holes, that gives the possibility to change the table into the position you wish.

I’ve chosen to produce my tables in bamboo plywood because bamboo is eco-friendly and very beautiful. But the table can be produced in different kinds of material and colours.

Visit the Slot Furniture website – here.

Photography by Caroline Tengen