5 Wine Storage Ideas For The Kitchen

May 30, 2017

Here are five wine storage ideas for any kitchen.


Storing your wine in the kitchen is a great way to keep your wine close at hand and make sure it stays organised. Here are 5 ideas for storing it in clever and/or stylish ways.


1. In a Toe Kick Drawer

Keeping your wine stored in a toe kick drawer under your cabinets is a great way to keep it hidden and out of the way. It still keeps the wine accessible, but also keeps it out of sight.

This modern toe kick drawer for wine storage has easy access below the white cabinets.

Inspiration from Stadshem.

This modern toe kick drawer for wine storage is easily accessed below the white cabinets.

Designed by Kitchens by Peter Gill.

2. In a Wine Cooler

Keep your favorite wines perfectly chilled by storing them in a wine fridge in the kitchen. The fridge can be as large or small as you need, and they’re a great way to make sure that your wine is always at the right temperature.

This modern wine fridge has a glass door showing the wines inside.

LLI Design designed this modern home in Buckinghamshire, England. Photography by Alex Maguire Photography.

This modern wine fridge sits above the counter and beside the white cabinets.

Inspiration from Alvhem.

This large, white and wood modern island has a wine cooler beneath it.

ZeroEnergy Design designed this house in Truro, Massachusetts. Photography by Eric Roth Photography.

3. On The Counter

Keeping your wine on the counter in a stylish wine holder makes sure the bottles are never more than an arms reach away. Wine holders on the counter are also an easy way to add functional decor to your kitchen.

This modern silver geometric wine holder adds functionality and style to your home decor.

John Paulick designed the WineHive.

4. Built-in Wine Rack

Building your wine storage into the design of your kitchen ensures that the kitchen flows nicely when it’s all finished. This helps keep your kitchen look modern and streamlined, making sure that your wine is always close by.

This modern wood wine rack is built-in to the cabinets of this kitchen, creating the perfect storage system.

KAVELLARIS URBAN DESIGN (KUD) designed this modern home in Australia. Photography by KUD.

Wood pegs on the white walls are used for wine storage in this modern kitchen.

Artem Tiutiunnyk designed this kitchen.

Wine storage is built-in behind a white wall in this modern kitchen.

zone zuid architecten designed this home in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. Photography © zone zuid architecten.

5. In The Kitchen Island

Storing wine in your kitchen island is great because it can be customized. You can fill an entire section of the island with storage, or you can dedicate a single column to storing your wine.

Wine can be stored below this modern green and dark wood island.

ZeroEnergy Design designed this modern house in Orleans, Massachusetts.

A large black, built-in storage unit for wine sits below the long grey island in this modern kitchen.

Feldman Architecture, Inc. designed this contemporary kitchen. Photography by Paul Dyer.

A small spot for wine storage is built-in below the white and wood island in this modern kitchen.

Optimise Design designed this modern kitchen in Dublin, Ireland.