A Custom Designed Handcrafted Rug by Nils Finne and Dorjé

July 21, 2009

Seattle architect Nils Finne has shared with us his experience of getting a custom designed handcrafted rug made in a remote area of Nepal.

Nils says:

The rug is meant to evoke a field of grass, and we generated drawings and made sample color strike-offs here in Seattle.  Then, Dorjé Contemporary, a  custom rug company based in Seattle, transmitted all the information to their weavers in Nepal.  The wool is fantastic, thick raw Nepalese wool, with a large amount of natural lanolin.

The image below shows the rug being washed at the end of its production.

More info from Nils Finne:

The production process started with our initial drawing for the rug, then I selected wool colors and marked each color on the drawing. We waited two months for a 24” square strike-off from Nepal.  At that point, I went back and chose new wool colors because the initial choices were too flat.  So, I made each base color actually a combination of several colors of wool.  Then, we waited another two months for a second strike-off.  The new strike-off was fantastic and we proceeded with the final rug production, another four months!  Finally, the rug arrived in Seattle, about eight months after we started the whole process.

Visit Nils Finne’s website – here.   Visit the Dorjé Contemporary website – here.