A Tribute To Black

May 1, 2008

When your design needs some sleek sophistication, dependable black is always there.

The Citi Sofa Collection from Global Total Office.

Contemporary Sofa

The Bunch Flower Vase designed by Naoto Fukasawa. Spotted at B&B Italia.

Black Flower Vase

Relounge by Greutmann Bolzern Design Studio.

Modern Chair

The La Suspension Pendant by Fabrice Berrux. Spotted at Dix Heures Dix.

Suspension Lamp

The Fenced In Table, designed by Jason Horvath. Spotted at Uhuru.

Fenced In Table

The Log Tavolino (top) & Log Pouf (bottom) by G. Carollo. Spotted at Porada.

Table & Pouf

The X Expandable Shelving System by Nicola from Bern.

Expandable Bookshelf

The Ole Thermos designed by Ole Jensen. Available at Tivoli Home.

Ole Thermos

The Trapeze Shoe Rack created by Nicola from Bern.

Trapeze Shoe Rack