Affordable Eco-Friendly Homes by Case Architects

January 25, 2009

Case Architects is a Seattle, Washington based firm involved in the design and project management of affordable eco-friendly homes. Located in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood, Case focuses development on sites within walking distance of its office. Working in this context affords the group of architects and builders the unique perspective of its future neighbors, the people who will live in their light-filled energy-efficient homes.

From Case Architects:

As with our lives, our design focus has turned increasingly toward an examination of the impact we have on our planet. With every new project we explore new ways to reduce the depletion of our natural resources and re-examine old ways to connect with our surroundings

Some common features found in the home’s that Case Architects designs and are: green roofs, rainwater harvesting, radiant floor heat, insulated concrete foundations, and non-toxic finishes.

Columbia City Green, their latest most efficient project yet, is scheduled for completion in spring of 2009, and is currently available for pre-sale. You can follow the construction process at

Below is a selection of photos of their work…

Visit the Case Architect’s website – here.