Alaloum Board Game Cafe by Triopton Architects

September 28, 2013

Triopton Architects have designed the Alaloum Board Game Cafe located in a suburb near Athens, Greece.

You can watch a video walk-through of the cafe – here.



Alaloum Board Game Cafe is located in Nea Filadelfeia, a suburb in north east of Athens, and addresses board game lovers. According to Triopton ?rchitects, “the very specific function of board gaming inspires and determines the design concept.”

The café is developed in two levels of total space of 160 sq.m. The concept behind the café is mainly focusing on preserving and enhancing the strict geometries of the structure, thus creating a welcoming, yet submersive environment influenced by the creative imagination and variegation of a board game. “Our intention was to create a relaxing atmosphere by using both natural and building materials, adding colour to them, and using contrasts.”

One of the dominant features is the game-library, which is made of red steel and wooden boxes and rises prominently to 5.50 meters. Another significant feature is the red metal ladder made of tensile perforated steel grid. The handmade colorful metal lamps, which were designed by the architects for the light requirements, are hanging from bronze water pipes, also stand out. These lighting elements not only satisfy the basic lighting needs but highlight also the building elements and the intense colored decorations on both the walls and the ceilings.

Great emphasis was placed on reusing the pre-existing building materials, which resulted in white-painted brick walls coming in contrast with the raw metal colored lamps and the black-painted ceiling. The concept of the game is emphasized by representations of games on the walls, colorful details on the furniture and the checkerboard floor. The blackboard walls are decorated with vibrant color shapes and are painted in such ways that turn this café into a school classroom evoking childhood memories.

Architectural Design: Triopton Architects
Photography: Dimitris Kleanthis