AME Restaurant by Munge Leung

December 16, 2010

Interior design firm Munge Leung created the interior for the AME Restaurant in Toronto, Canada.


Project description:

Ame’s staff are dressed in Asian inspired uniforms which are the sleek fashion forward creations of Canadian designer Anne Hung. Ame’s transcendent space fuses the traditional and the contemporary to create a place that is warm, spacious and striking. As part of Ame’s transformation into the ultimate supper club, the dining and lounge area have been opened up to create a more social ambiance which is ideal for after-dinner lounging and dancing. The private dining room is an elevated open area with banquettes where guests can dine, enjoy bottle service and experience an authentic supper club vibe.

Silk kimono fabrics juxtaposed with sleek black leather, polished concrete flooring reflected by hand hewn wood plank ceiling installations – balance through contrast – is the defining philosophy that gives form to the transcendent experience at Ame. Richly complex compositions of materials create a visually strong yet simple space. The materials impart form and function beyond the customary – a hostess station created by a custom cut block of Owen Sound Limestone, dining table surfaces formed by sheets of natural black walnut, banquette and dining room seating upholstered in vibrant kimono fabrics – all together harmonize in a symbolic storytelling of the vision behind Ame’s creation.

Unconcerned with mimicking trends or conventional stereotypes of Japanese design styles, Ame’s interior design is realized through materiality and an  integration of textures and colours to complement the exquisite gastronomical and entertainment experience that Ame is celebrated for.

Visit the Munge Leung website – here.

Photography by Tom Arban and Device222