Are These Art or Furniture?

March 22, 2008

These extreme chairs question the practicality of what a chair normally offers.
Would you put them in your home or do they simply belong in a museum?

The Anemone Chair by Fernando & Humberto Campana. Available at Moss.

Anemone Chair

The Mamma Rocking Chair designed by Patrick Messier.

Mamma Rocking Chair

The Outlaw Chair by Johnny Chamaki.

Outlaw Chair

The Alaska Chair by Emilio Nanni. Spotted at Cattelan Italia.

Alaska Chair

The Steel Chair created by Isaac Arms.

Steel Chair

Steel Chair

The LCMX Lounge Chair Mini with inner-tube upholstery from Bike Furniture.

LCMX Lounge Chair

Designed by Forum is the Witch Chair. Spotted at My Prestigium.

Modern Black Chair