Axum and Lalibella Stools by David Keller

July 10, 2010

Israeli designer David Keller has sent us his Axum and Lalibella stools, that are inspired by the Ethiopian immigrants who live near him, who have developed their own dual-culture.


Description from David Keller:

Near the place I live in, there is an “absorption center for new immigrants”. In this place new immigrants spend their first years after coming from all around the world before they are acclimatized in their new country.  In the center near my home live a few hundreds of immigrants from Ethiopia. They live there for almost 25 years. Their “acclimatization” takes time, and it seems to me that they have developed during those years dual, Israeli-Ethiopian culture. Their houses, clothes, Friday markets and social habits are modern and ancient, 3rd world and western at the same time. This research was the foundation for my design.

The joyful and colorful stool is upholstered with a rough, almost “impolite” Ethiopian fabric. The rubber joints are hard and aggressive. The stool is forced to be pleasant and comfortable, no matter if he wants it or not.

Visit David Keller’s website – here.