Bailissimo Traveling Bar by Jump Studios

January 31, 2009

London based Jump Studios created the Bailissimo Traveling Bar as part of a promotion
for Baileys Irish Cream.

From Jump Studios:

The focus of the design proposition has been to help in opening up the drinking occasionality, and communicating the concept of ‘infectious playfulness’ for Baileys.

Our approach has been to create a series of interlinking experiences of differing scale – each designed to bring to life a particular drink mix.  This is achieved through creating a series of ‘poured’ forms flowing from the ceiling, lit and dynamic, each terminating in a series of different configurations, encouraging the visitor to sample in a context that supports the drinking occasion. For example, one poured form terminates in a lounging configuration, encouraging people to kick back – one form becomes a vertical drinks table encouraging groups to congregate.  Others encourage conviviality by seating people together around a notional ‘hearth’….each poured form is linked through circular seating to encourage the movement of people around the space. The end result is one complete space defined by a series of localised and differing experiences, encouraging the sampling of Baileys in a variety of different mixes.

The space is additionally embedded with coloured heat or chip sensitive pads; once the drink is placed a coloured ‘residue’ is left and as the people and drinks traverse the bar, this residue – or virus – is left behind and over time builds a patina or memory of activity. This multi-experiential space is housed in a purpose built sculptural form, consisting of a triple domed fluid glowing facade, formed over an elegant steel structure.  This amorphic object seemingly floats of the ground, acting as a beacon for the Baileys brand.

Visit the Jump Studios website – here.

Visit the Jump Studios website – here.