Bar Table by Måns Salomonsen

November 2, 2009

Swedish designer Måns Salomonsen has sent us photos of a bar table he created, which is the result of a school project at Sweden’s Steneby University, where he was required to make a table with a metal underframe.

Måns says:

In my project before this one, I made a stool that could move 3-dimensionaly (, I worked with a twisted shape/form in that one and wanted do develop that form language in the bar table. I was experimenting with different ideas on how to include a foot rest in the same construction. I found the material in the tabletop, aluminium foam, on a material fair about 2 years ago and found that interesting. Now was the first time I got an idea on what I could use that material for. So I got some material samples from KG Fridman, a company in Sweden who sell that material and ordered Araldit plastic that i coloured black. The idea was to use the pattern created from the bubbles in the aluminium. So the surface is filled with plastic that harden and then grinded down so I got the contrast between the shiny aluminium and the black palstic. The tabletop has a stainles steel edge as protection.