May 23, 2012

NEST ONE have designed BASE_camp, a mobile phone shop, café, co-working space, workshop and event location in Berlin, Germany.


Project description:

At over a hundred events in the past year federal ministers, congressmen, bloggers, journalists, founders and activists met in the old BASE_camp in Berlin to discuss issues of the new digital society and to network. Now the telecommunication provider BASE has set up its new camp. Right in the heart of Berlin opens the new 330 m2 shop combining selling space, café, co-working space, training room and event location.

The BASE_camp is subdivided into various areas, openly designed and fluently merging. Shop space, café and working spaces mix harmoniously. In the back area a combination of bar, lounge and café relates to the different demands of the visitors. Resembling a communicative stopover, the café counter is based on a kiosk. The box becomes an eye catcher.

Furniture with visible electrical connection, compact lockers with space for laptop and writing pad and wireless internet in the entire shop shape a perfect co-working environment. Determinant room element is the analogue twitter-wall: information and inspiration. Trend topics and punch lines of the day taken from twitter are on display and always up-to-date. Classic displays connect the analogue and the digital world. Hence, the BASE_camp is on the cutting edge, obviously.

NEST ONE’s creative concept is marked by a reduced and uncomplicated design: uncommon combinations of materials like wood, linoleum and copper catch the eye and transport by their natural character a feeling of closeness. A clear, comprehensible shape language underlines the casual, inviting atmosphere of the BASE_camp.

The furnishing, e.g. Windsor chairs and Muuto tables, link the retro-chic of Berlin’s café culture to the progressive spirit of mobile communication.

Further focal point is the flexibility of the brand. Through use of light furniture and mobile installations a convertible room is generated. The colour concept supports the diversity of the room. For this purpose, BASE’s colour palette has been broadened by natural material colours.

Visit the NEST ONE website – here.