Be Part of the Mercedes-Benz #Untamed Photo Installation

March 27, 2013

#Untamed is a digital photo installation inspired by the new Mercedes-Benz CLA, and you can be a part of this unique international photo exhibition by using your Instagram photos.

#Untamed. A Digital Photo Installation

Inspired by the new Mercedes-Benz CLA. Live in Paris in April 2013.

#Untamed is a unique digital Photo installation, filled with a collection extraordinary Instagram photos from around the world—hosted in Paris.

The installation presents impressive projections of the most inspiring photos to an international, audience of art enthusiasts and translates the individual, digital style of each participant into real life.

Instagram photos can be uploaded to the website The #Untamed Score shows how different each individuals style is from all the other participants. The whole installation will portray a rotating series of pictures, therefore subject to continuous change. Following the campaign’s creative principle “The natural enemy of the average” or “Nature’s answer to commodity”.

The installation is inspired by Mercedes-Benz: The new CLA.

The agency Jung von Matt / Alster is responsible for creating this campaign. Jung von Matt / next took on its technical realization.








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This post is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz.