Beaubourg by Nikolay Polissky

July 25, 2013

Russian artist Nikolay Polissky has created a sculpture named Beaubourg, as part of a festival being held in the Nikola-Lenivets art park.


From Nikola-Lenivets

Beaubourg is the name of Paris’ oldest area where the Pompidou Center for modern art, designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, is situated. The concept that served as the reference for the project placed such systems as water and ventilation tubes, elevators and escalators outside of the building. This move enabled providing the museum with a maximum of useful space and making the Pompidou Center the world’s most vibrant museum. It is a museum turned inside out. In addition to its exhibition spaces, the area surrounding the museum hosts all kinds of expositions and theatrical performances.

Nikolay Polissky’s visit to the Pompidou Center and the history of the Beaubourg area inspired him to create a large-scale installation located in the field between the Nikola-Lenivets and Zvizzhi villages. Similar to the museum, “Beaubourg” by Nikolay Polissky is to become the center of massive festivities, surrounded by the author into the hands of the audience members, artists and vagabond musicians.

“Beaubourg” is a complex metal carcass structure weaved in birch twigs. It consists of a 22 meters high tower surrounded by pipes that are twisted inside out. The artist took the traditional Russian technique of birch weaving, scaled it up and weaved the art object as if it were a giant basket. This piece of modern art was created using a nearly lost skill. The focus of the installation is the pipes designed so as to remind of the Pompidou Center tubing. The structure has a spiral staircase inside, which leads to an observation site offering an amazing view on the vast landscapes of Nikola-Lenivets and the neighboring villages. This view is the key exhibit of “Beaubourg”. The landscape object is an allusion on the French museum harmonically incorporated into the Russian landscape.

The field that surrounds “Beaubourg” and the neighboring pine forest will become the stage for street theatres, vagabond entertainers, equilibrists and performance artists.

You can watch a short video – here

Artist: Nikolay Polissky