Before & After – The Garfield Residence by (fer) Studio

August 18, 2009

This is part 2 of a 2 part feature on a contemporary remodel and addition to a 1980’s house in the La Cañada area of Los Angeles, California that was designed by (fer) Studio.

Below are the ‘after’ photos that show us what the house looks like now. Click here to see the ‘before’ photos of the original house.

The Garfield Residence Remodel and Expansion by FER Studio

Project Scope:
Exterior and interior remodel of existing 3 bedroom 1 story cottage ranch style home
with master bedroom suite addition.

Existing Residence Area: 2,700 ft²
Completed Remodel/Expansion Area: 3,500 ft²

Project Description:
The La Canada Residence project goal was to take a single story 2,700 square foot cottage style ranch
home and give it a complete new modern contemporary look and feel as well as add a private master
bedroom suite.

The approach was to open up as much of the existing house as possible both internally to adjacent
rooms as well as to the exterior. The house sits on a beautiful 15,000 square foot pine tree covered lot
which filters the late afternoon sun light into an array of speckled shadows. The rear yard is fairly open
with existing built-in pool to the far rear surrounded in a thick wall of cypress trees which provide a
beautiful green privacy wall to the east. The existing house was defined by a high pitched middle roof
area that was decorated to look like the front of small cottage with a typical entry door.

The design approach from the exterior was to try focus on that existing middle pitched roof architectural
gesture, working within budget restraints to give it a new more contemporary notion of invitation. To do
this first a new courtyard arrival space was created at the front of the house through the introduction of
new smooth plaster privacy walls to match the new house plaster finish. Next the high roof pitch was left
in place and the entire front wall of that portion of the house was removed and replaced with full height
glazing, a tall wood entry door area was added to the right side and finally raising the interior dining
room and entry foyer ceilings within to follow the pitched roof lines. Next, the separation wall between
the dining room and the living room space set directly behind was partially removed so that there is a
visual link from the front exterior entry court through the house to the rear yard.

The kitchen area was completely opened up to the living room by reorienting it, raising the ceiling (to
matched its sloped roof above), adding a large central skylight and introducing a small breakfast nook at
the southeastern corner of the house. Additionally the rear wall of the kitchen as opened to the rear yard
through a stainless steel counter top that extends through the wall to an outside dining counter with a bifold
window that completely opens to the exterior at this location. The living room directly adjacent to the
kitchen has a full height bi-fold door rear wall, when in its fully open position the entire living room now
opens to an new rear patio space, complete with fire pit and wooden bench seating surround. This move
makes the entire living room almost double in size as it links to this outside semi sunken patio.

The bedroom portion of the house was left pretty much in tacked with new finishes and skylights in the
bedrooms. A new laundry room and closet space was configured in the area that used to be the master
bedroom. The new master bedroom suite was added to the rear of the house and designed around a
new small exterior courtyard that was linked to the larger living room rear patio. The addition was added
to the rear of the house and designed around and new private exterior courtyard space as well as
existing pool.

Photography: Jack Coyier
Contractor: Chris Miller & Sons Construction
Structural Engineer: JN Engineering

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