Bidoun Collection by Katrin Greiling

December 25, 2009

German designer Katrin Greiling has created the Bidoun collection of seating and tables.

The Bidoun furniture series was inspired by the Middle East. Katrin Greiling studied the nomadic lifestyle and used the Bedouins daily-life-objects as her source of inspiration in creating this contemporary interpretation of the traditional Arabic seating, the majilis.

The Bidoun collection at ArtDubai 2009:

Coffee tables with rope handles, designed for a mobile nomadic lifestyle:

Bidoun Collection by Katrin Greiling

The sofa system involves several layers of mattresses stacked on each other and tied in place by a rope. The layers have a variation of different fabric and inspired by the stacking method common in the tents during. The cord expresses flexibility, inspired by both the tent but as well transport and trade. Applied in the x-pattern it connects these furniture visual back to the Chesterfield sofas, thus to the European furniture history.

The seating height of the furniture varies depending number of mattresses, both 430 mm and 330 mm. The look of the sofas can be changed simply by flipping the mattresses and bringing a different fabric to the top. The choice of the upholstery fabrics is motivated through the different cultural influences in the Middle East.

The coffee table – available in massive pine, veneer or marble, plays with the same visual element, with a cord tied under the table.

Visit Katrin Greiling’s website – here.

Available at the TRAFFIC gallery in Dubai – here.