Blaster Chairs by James Irvine at Super Brands London 2012

September 26, 2012

As part of the London Design Festival, CONTEMPORIST visited the Super Brands London design event, where the Blaster Chairs by British designer James Irvine were being exhibited by NgispeN.


Description from James Irvine

NgispeN is a company which seems to want to enjoy itself. If I think about furniture to enjoy I think about those wonderful time wasting moments in life. Those moments when you want to do nothing. Maybe just spin around and let time drift by. Maybe wait for someone to come up and say hello.

So I thought of a cone sitting on another cone and where the two cones meet they rotate. Then I realised it looked a bit like the nozzle of a rocket engine so I gave the chair the name “Blaster”.

Designer: James Irvine

Manufacturer: NgispeN