Blue Sky Home by o2 Architecture

December 23, 2010

o2 Architecture have designed a prototype home for prefab developer Blue Sky Homes, located in the Mojave Desert of California.


Project description:

A collaborative effort between Prefabricated Home developer Blue Sky Homes LLC and Palm Springs based Architect Lance O’Donnell of o2 Architecture; this 1,000 SF home is located in the Mojave Desert region at 4,000’ above sea level.  The program called for a sustainable, modestly scaled residence to serve as a prototype for a prefabricated line of homes.  Special attention was paid to site placement and building orientation.  Inspired by Le Corbusier’s “Domino”; the building contains a pure structure of columns and planes.  Adaptability is created by the non-load bearing walls and openings that can be moved within the structure to satisfy a variety of site conditions.

The home is positioned above the site on moment-resisting columns and beams of cold-formed, light gauge steel.  The building envelope is composed by a grid of pre-manufactured wall panels and standardized building components.  The bathroom module, containing all home MEP systems, is built off-site and delivered finished.  Interior spaces are defined by the placement of storage cabinetry, eliminating interior framed walls.  Solar technologies provide electricity, hot water and space heating.

The flat-packed building components minimize transportation volume and promote sustainability through material/structural efficiency and can be dissembled and relocated.  The inherent nature of prefabricated design ensures low embodied energy and minimizes site waste. The prototype was completed after a construction schedule of 8 weeks.

You can also watch a YouTube video about the house – here.

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Photography by NuVue Interactive