Blush Chair by Sofie Brünner

February 6, 2012

Danish textile and furniture designer Sofie Brünner has designed the Blush chair.


Description from the designer:

BLUSH is a unique lounge chair that aims at stimulating the senses.

Working from the concept of haptic design (design that stimulate the sense of touch), BLUSH has a contrasting and playful appearance that invites the user to explore the materials, construction and comfortability. The chair consists of a faceted hard aluminium shell in which a perforated pattern has been laser-cut. Using a brush binding technique, the holes are upholstered with strips of hand printed felt. This results in a soft and tactile front upholstery and a pixel-like upholstered back.

Overall BLUSH has a surprisingly austere expression that is softened by the blushing felt loops that flourish across the chair.

Visit Sofie Brünner’s website – here.