BP Office by GROUP A

September 20, 2011

GROUP A have designed a new office for BP in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Description from the architects:

BP Raffinaderij Rotterdam is both the largest and the youngest oil company operating in the Netherlands. The companies strong and dynamic character will be expressed in the design of their new main office.

The office will be located close to the BP refinery, but at the same time the safety of BP employees has to be guaranteed. GROUP A has met these demands by designing a building that takes BP’s core values as a point of departure, thus creating a sustainable, safe and healthy environment for dedicated and proud employees. The buildings location on the d’Arcyweg is situated on the edge of the tough, industrial landscape of the refineries and the green, watery landscape of the Brielle lake. Its position right in between these two very different areas bordering the A15 motorway ensures that the location will be a landmark.

On the north side the building is hidden in a new artificial dune, while it appears to be ‘breaking’ out of this dune on the south side. By embedding the building into the landscape, safety measures against the explosion hazard posed by the refineries are being complied with. The head office is a dynamic expression of the connection between landscape and building mass.

Visit the GROUP A website – here.

Photography by Roos Aldershoff and Daria Scagliola & Stijn Brakkee