Capital Kitchen by Mim Design

February 12, 2011

Mim Design have sent us photos of the Capital Kitchen café they designed in Melbourne, Australia.


Description from the designers:

Capital Kitchen is an external facing food emporium also comprising of a dining café and bar, as well as providing a kitchen and food-based home wares component.

The clean and modern interior blends a minimal look with a rustic wooden country kitchen feel; a stark contrast from the monotony of shopping centre food outlets.

Described as the 2010 trend “Rurban Revolution”, Capital Kitchen provides shoppers with an escape from the urban environment of the Chadstone Shopping Centre by delivering a space reminiscent of a modern ‘home-style’ country farmhouse.

Timber floors and joinery with a strong use of Carrara marble add a lofty natural feel, paired with the surrounding textural brick walls. Attention to detail through furniture and display echo an old style and natural feel.

Visit the Mim Design website – here.