CASPAR by Perludi

July 4, 2010

Austrian furniture designers Perludi have introduced the CASPAR children’s table, which is designed to be able to grow in height as the children who use it get older.


Description from Perludi:

Pursuing its philosophy of ergonomic, versatile and environment-friendly children’s furniture, perludi has again produced a winner: Colourful legs that are simply placed into the four holes in the handcrafted solid-wood tabletop and secured at the desired height with o-rings made from natural rubber. To adjust the top’s height and inclination, or to balance out an uneven floor, simply slide the infinitely adjustable legs up or down individually within their holes.

To transport the table, the legs can be pulled out and placed in the generously sized storage shelf under the tabletop.

Light-weight, simple in design and environment-friendly, CASPAR is made in Austria from locally grown spruce wood, with an eye on renewable resources and short transport routes for a low carbon footprint.

Visit the Perludi website – here.