CuCoo Clock by Stefan Hepner

Stefan Hepner has designed his contemporary ‘CuCoo Clock’ from cast resin.

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Quattro Punti per una Torre by Massimo Iosa Ghini

Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini designed the Quattro Punti per una Torre sculpture located in the University of Milan.

You can watch a video of the installation – here.

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Luminaire – August 2019 – 2 – Fritz Hansen Pot Chair

Artist Profile: Christopher Puzio (VIDEO)

Here is a short profile film on San Diego based artist Christopher Puzio. Followed over the course of 14 months and 6 projects we witness the diversity and methods behind his work as well as the Cell Cluster and Star Cluster installations at the San Diego Medical Examiner’s buildings.

Watch the video on Vimeo – here.

Face to Face by Brian Frandsen

Brian Frandsen, a recent graduate from the Kolding School of Design, worked with the carpet manufacturer ege to create a 3D self portrait sculpture out of carpets.

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Ceramic Sculptures by Matthew Chambers

British artist Matthew Chambers creates abstract contemporary ceramic sculptures.

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CONVERGENCE Sculpture by Chris Fox

Australian artist Chris Fox created the CONVERGENCE Sculpture located in the lobby/atrium of the Global Switch data centre solutions office in Paris, France.

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