Ceramic Sculptures by Merete Rasmussen

September 25, 2009

Merete Rasmussen is a Danish artist who predominately works with one-off sculptural forms in stoneware clay. She has lived and worked in London since 2005.

Merete is interested in the idea of one continuous surface, with one connected edge or line running through the whole form. Clear, clean shapes; soft smooth curves in contrast to sharp edges; concave and convex surfaces; the discovery and strength of an inner/negative space – these are all form expressions that appeal and results in her continuous exploration and expression in many different variations.

Merete’s work is hand built by coiling technique. Stoneware is her chosen material for its qualities – ‘I like to challenge the material and my own skills by building complicated shapes; fragile in the building, drying and firing process which upon firing attain the strength to be handled and positioned without support’. To emphasize the form she uses matt monochrome colours.