Chimenti Table by Alcarol

September 27, 2013

Italian design studio Alcarol have created Chimenti, a table made from old Oak pilings and resin.

You can watch a video about the table – here



Chimenti table is an emblematic work of this method: we reuse wood of Venetias poles named bricole, high quality oak and considerable sizes, timber which was sourced for its uniformity and then tempered by salt, by water and sun cycles, by cold and by warmth. This wood is sculpted by molluscs and become, with time, a totally unique wood, precious, romantic and noble thanks to its own intrinsic features and to its historical weight.

Chimenti is made of three oak planks obtained by a Venetian bricola plainsawn, undergo accurate and painstaking washing, cleaning, drying and disinfection procedures, and finally submerged in a special resin with an elaborate and patient craftsmanship.

The bricole’s external surface is left intentionally intact, in order for the markings left by tides and molluscs to act as reminders of the Venetian sojourn of this characteristic and precious recovered timber.

Design: Alcarol