CHITCHAT Public Seating by Teun Fleskens

October 18, 2009

Dutch designer Teun Fleskens has created a public seating product called CHITCHAT.

From the designer:

Waiting in public spaces could certainly be more pleasurable, thinks Teun Fleskens, and with that goal in mind he designed the CHITCHAT. A piece of seating furniture for up to seven people that literally rocks. Whoever sits on it makes the piece of furniture and those who are already sitting on it move, which almost always stimulates social interaction between them. It is both surprising and amusing, and you start chatting about it with your neighbour. Strangers work together to find the best balance. The ice is broken, the atmosphere has improved, and waiting has quickly become much less boring. The ‘rocking trees’ in the centre ensure a playful effect, especially when there are several CHITCHATS in a single space.

Photo by Astrid Zuidema