Chool by James Lucas

November 15, 2010

British designer James Lucas has created Chool, a seat that adapts its form depending on how it is being used.

Watch a video of Chool in action – here.


Description from the designer:

At rest Chool is compact and unassuming. When sat upon the seat pod slowly descends a few inches to a standard seat height. This action seamlessly operates some clever bits tucked away inside that smoothly, vertically deploys a backrest and chool transforms from its stool-like form into a chair. Thus providing reactive support in accordance with the users needs.

When no longer in use, Chool automatically returns to its original compact form. Unlike any other chair, Chool has the ability to be easily stowed under tables and desks. This offers clear access to the surface, an uncluttered skyline and in turn removes any trip hazards. Chool requires no external power or batteries to operate and can be locked in any position at the touch of a button.

Visit James Lucas’ website – here.