Crochet Crochet by Ruth Fore

May 21, 2009

At ICFF 2009, the Rhode Island School of Design’s Department of Furniture Design presented Immaterialize, a showcase of student furniture and products that emphasize specific qualities of materials rather than their most familiar applications.

As part of the showcase, designer Ruth Fore exhibited the Crochet Crochet lounge.

Description from Ruth Fore:

Crochet Crochet was created through a material exploration of aluminum wire. The initial idea was to create a stable structure using a material known to be soft and flexible. By experimenting with crocheted stitches a woven structure was created that could support a significant amount of weight. The piece evolved into a spherical form as aluminum loops were crocheted three-dimensionally in space transitioning from small to large gauges. The total wire amount ended with 3000 feet. The final product was anodized giving the overall structure more stability. Upon first glance Crochet Crochet appears to be composed of a chaotic mess of wire but when viewed in closer detail the organized woven structure is revealed.

Visit Ruth Fore’s website – here.