Culture Campus Vleuterweide Informatieplein by AEQUO

March 18, 2010

The Dutch design studio AEQUO have designed an informatieplein (information plaza) inside the Culture Campus Vleuterweide in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The Informatieplein is shaped as the interior space of a monastery. It contains one large monastery bench, which comprises a multitude of functions upon closer inspection.


The Informatieplein features an interior of solid and natural materials. This landscape consists of an integrated ensemble of tables, chairs, stools, lounges, information screens, presentation columns, bulletin boards, and folder displays. The prominent multifunctional piece of furniture contains a display, folders, pc’s, gaming, magazines, and reading areas, among others things, and is made of unprocessed oak, with a felt upholstery in warm colours.

Visit AEQUO’s website –here.