CUPCAKE Seating Collection from Bretz

October 21, 2011

German manufacturer Bretz have recently introduced the CUPCAKE sofa, armchair, and stool.


Description from Bretz:

It is round, gentle, yet a mind of its own: CUPCAKE. Already its name alludes to comforting, warm dough which is about to flow over while flagrantly leaving the oven.

The designer adapted the concept “hard bowl, soft core” to refine her initial idea. In this case the bowl constitutes a fundament covered by leather or fabric. It is decorated with colorful fancy seams leaving the seam either raw, without selvedge or traditionally closed. The soft, gentle core falls smoothly over the bowl. Covered by cuddly fabric or soft leather the huge pillows assemble to a dreamlike sofa idyll.

Since the armrest is the backrest at the same time, CUPCAKE can either be seated on in a communicative half-circle or counterpart.

No matter if you want to relax alone, experience excitement as two, have fun together with the whole family, discuss with friends or have a talk with your business partners – CUPCAKE enchants smaller and bigger locations with its sweet charm. Who sits down is caught as the will to get up is dispelled by pure relief.

Design: Carolin Fieber

Visit the Bretz website – here.