Curtin Avenue Residence by Optimum Resource Architects

March 24, 2009

Optimum Resource Architects (ORA) designed this house located at the southern end of the beachside suburb of Cottesloe in Perth, Australia.

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Description from Optimum Resource Architects:

Located at the southern end of the beachside suburb of Cottesloe this new residence is sited on a long thin lot running east-west between two converging streets.

The eastern elevation is modest and reserved in nature, its roof form curved at both the northern and southern sides to reduce its mass in relation to its two single story neighbours.

The western elevation in contrast is much more open, featuring extensive glazing to take advantage of the magnificent views out towards the Indian Ocean and to Rottnest Island while providing generous overhangs to protect against the harshness of the summer sun. The western side of the residence has been raised above the street level to provide an appropriate level of privacy to the external decked area and ground floor living areas.

The curved form, which can be related back to previous projects by ORA in the Cottesloe area relates primarily to the local environment, curving over on the southern side to minimise overshadowing to the southern neighbour and protecting the residence from the strong south-westerly winds. A number of small openings have been provided to the southern façade to allow for natural cross ventilation and natural lighting to the southern rooms.

The North-Western walls to the upper floor are clad in a double skinned translucent grey polycarbonate that provides a soft natural light to the adjoining rooms during the day while all the time maintaining a level of privacy for both neighbour and resident.

3 Curtin Avenue, Cottesloe, WA.
Project Name: Curtin Avenue Residence
Architects: ORA
Principal Architect: Paul Odden
Project Team: Paul Odden, Mark Petley
Builder: Dianella Homes
Engineer: Scott Smalley Partnership
Time to Complete: 18 months
Date of Completion: January 2006
Gross Floor Area: 435sqm
Photographs: Acorn Photo Agency